Five Best Restaurants in San Luis Obispo

novo restaurant in san luis obispo

San Luis Obispo’s restaurant scene has become an amazing blend of local culture, with produce, wine, and people shaping its culinary offerings.  Once thought of as a quaint college town, SLO has emerged as a destination location for people to visit on the Central Coast, with tourists and residents have benefiting greatly from the explosion of flavor headlining its prime eateries.  Below, we highlight five diverse fine dining options in the heart of San Luis Obispo’s downtown, ranging from upscale seafood restaurants to home-style Italian comfort food—you’re going to be hungry after reading through these tantalizing options!

novo - best restaurants in san luis obispo

Located right in the middle of downtown San Luis Obispo, Novo has cultivated an eclectic fine dining vibe unlike any other restaurant in the area.  Featuring dishes with influences from Asia, South America, Mexico, and the United states, there is sure to be a dish that meets anyone’s standard of excellence.  Part of the Robin’s restaurant family, they have some menu mainstays such as their Chow Novo and the Salmon Bisque that you can be sure will be there all the time to win over anyone’s palate, but they also do a great job of rotating their dining and cocktail menu to utilize the bountiful seasonal goods that they source farm-to-table.

seafood restaurants in san luis obispo - slo

2. Ciopinot

Another mainstay in the downtown restaurant scene, Ciopinot is known for its always-fresh seafood that is perpetually paired with a robust local wine list. Their cocktail menu offers unique fruit-infused liquors that they make in-house, and they are located next door their sister restaurant, La Esquina, which uses much of the same seafood influence in a Mexican-inspired restaurant. If you’re feeling upscale surf-n-turf for your evening, Ciopinot is definitely the place to go!

sushi and seafood restaurant in san luis obispo

A hidden gem for years, Goshi has emerged as a shining star with a new menu and remodel.  Known for its well-priced sushi, Japanese hospitality, and vibrant atmosphere, there is no other sushi spot like it in San Luis Obispo.  Located right in the heart of downtown, this is the spot that locals go for a high quality meal that won’t break the bank.  Their highlights of fresh fish, premium seafood, and well-constructed sushi rolls are sure to please anyone with a hankering for fine dining.

italian restaurant in slo - giuseppe’s

Another Central Coast mainstay that has grown along with San Luis Obispo, Giuseppe’s stands out as the fine-dining option for Italian date nights, large-party dinners, and has a happy hour that is among the best deals for cocktail classics.  Their Negronis and Limoncello will complement any of their pizzas, pasta dishes, or their famous pork chops.  Enjoying a meal on their beautiful patio is a must for anyone looking to experience a little bit of Italy on the Central Coast!

upscale restaurant in san luis obispo

5. Granda Bistro

Granada Bistro is part of the boutique Granada Hotel, and they offer intimate settings with decadent amenities all around. The flavors of their menu change week-to-week, but some of their consistent winners are the cherry-chevre brussel sprouts and their maple-sambal chicken wings. If you are looking for a great setting for weekend brunch, they are open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with their full brunch menu, and they have two different patios in which you can take in the tranquil downtown SLO surroundings while enjoying their fine fare!

These five are the can’t-miss spots in San Luis Obispo, but it is important to note that the food scene is growing exceptionally quickly on the Central Coast. With competition leading each and every establishment to step its game up, we encourage everyone to keep an open mind when looking for fine-dining experiences. Pairing a gourmet dinner with a wine tasting tour or brewery tour is a great way to spend a celebratory weekend; if you want to book an excursion today, check out Obsidian Luxury Services for high-profile transportation amenities!