Wine in Paso Robles: Tooth & Nail Winery


Tooth & Nail Winery is situated along Highway 46, known as the West of Paso Robles Wine Country region. Coining the term “Storming the Castle,” Tooth & Nail has become a primary destination for locals and tourists alike, imagining their lives as Kings and Queens as they sip wine. Literally a castle, this winery is surrounded by a filled moat, walls lined with intriguing artwork, a cellar meeting room, and a beautifully constructed catwalk revealing an open patio with gorgeous vineyard views.

Tooth & Nail Wine

Tasting rooms set the tone, winery vibes contribute to the overall experience, but the wine is the most important aspect of any wine tasting journey. Their first and primary wine line is the Rabble line; single varietal wines consisting of Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and wonderful selection of reds. Their second line is their Tooth & Nail line, known for rich reds and balanced whites. For a wine connoisseur or more experience wine palate is their Stasis and Amor Fati wine lines.

The Tasting Room at Tooth & Nail Winery

The medieval-style castle welcomes you with a moat and ramparts, much like you would find during the Crusades. Enjoy a weekend morning like a King or Queen on Sundays for their Brunch Pairings and Small Bites. If you’re looking for an interactive experience, download the Rabble wine app to see their wine labels come to life - literally, through augmented reality. With a marvelous indoor tasting room and expansive outdoor space, you can’t go wrong no matter where you take your tasting. Tooth & Nail also hosts weekly events including live music, Holiday-themed extravaganzas, and unique actives such as Live Art Demos.

tooth and nail tasting room during wine tour

Weddings at Tooth & Nail Winery

Whether you arrive in a horse and carriage, or a luxury limo, you and your guests are sure to enjoy your special day! Mr. and Mrs. will descend the stunning spiral staircase to meet their friends and family in the Foyer. The rooftop terraces are perfect for Fall and Spring weddings to overlook the west-side of Paso Roles Vineyards. If you’re looking for an indoor gala, Tooth & Nail offers the Amor Fati room, decorated as you would image a wedding celebration would have been back in the day.

wedding at winery in paso robles